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infamous starr

my name is kimberly-ann. just turned seventeen this summer. i live in new york city which is not as glamorous as everybody thinks. my life full of drama with lots of changes. i love to try new things no matter how scared i am cos of the feeling of not knowing whats going to happen. right now i am looking for a job so i wont have to be so dependent on others. in the meanwhile i spend my extra time stepping for the lady governors. if you live in new york you should have heard of us. anyway, get ready for a journey cos this is my place to vent and not have to be apoligetic of what i say. if you decide to add me get ready for talk about sex, family, friends, school, boys, shopping, and of course me!
$$$, 80's style, acrylics, aeropostale, american eagle, aol, apple juice, arizona iced tea, bamboo earrings, bangles, bath & body works, bay area slang, beauty rush lipgloss, bendy straws, bermuda shorts, betsy johnson, big hair, blistex, blue cheese, bobby jack, boyshorts, broccoli, bronx, cancer, cheesecake, chicken noodle soup, chicken selects, chinatown, chococat, chocolate chip cookies, coach, coffee, contacts, crayola, creative recreation, dc sneakers, denny's, diamonds, digi cam, dinero, dolce & gabbana, dooney & bourke, dreads, drop curls, dunkin donuts, dunks, ed hardy, elle, fashion, flat iron, flip flops, footers, forever21, franklin, french fries, french manicures, fried chicken, fringe, gap, google, graphic tees, h&m, happy bunny, hello kitty, hollister, ice skating, iced coffee, ipod, jewelry, jordans, juicy couture, keds, kool aid, lace panties, lady governors, laguna beach, law & order, lesportsac, levi's, lil kim, lornadoone cookies, make-up, manicures, mascara, messenger bags, midol, money, monk, monster energy drinks, music, my momma, myspace, nail polish, nair, neutrogena, new york, nike, noodles, olay, orange juice, pearls, pedicures, photography, piercings, poetry, poland spring, polos, pound cake, puma, pumps, purple, randomness, raspberry cheesecake, red hair, red nails, reebok, retrosexuality, rice krispies treats, rope chains, scrapbooking, sharpies, sprint, starburst, stepping, stunners, summer nights, sun chips, sunglasses, tattoos, teen vogue, the color purple, toe rings, travis mccoy, tu madre, uggs, vanderbilt, vans, victoria's secret, vintage, vitamin water, welch's, wet seal, white gold, xanga, zane, zebra stripes, zune